Caesium is Oxbotica’s cloud-based fleet management system.

It schedules and co-ordinates autonomous vehicles without human intervention.

Enabling the exchange of data between vehicles, Caesium optimises routes and ensures that fleet managers know exactly where all vehicles are and when they will arrive.


UKs first autonomous grocery delivery for Ocado customers via CargoPod

Real world trials of an autonomous delivery system.


Our self-driving CargoPod van delivered groceries to Ocado customers in the residential environment of Greenwich, London.

We showed that, with autonomous vehicles, ‘last mile’ deliveries can happen with lower noise output, lower emissions and at lower cost.

[This was] a very sucessful grocery delivery trial using driverless whicles. We are always looking to come up with unique, innovative solutions to the real-world challenge of delivering groceries in densely-populated urban environments.

Claire Perry Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth

Key Features

  • Easy-to-understand interface, accurately informing fleet managers at all times
  • Designed to interface with fleet operators’ internal software IT systems
  • Web API to interface with Selenium vehicles in the field
  • Check-in on the entire fleet via map control panel
  • Remotely cancel vehicle autonomy at the touch of a button
  • Request maintenance support without leaving the office

[This] project takes us another step closer to seeing self-driving vehicles on UK roads, and has the potential to reduce congestion in urban areas while reducing emissions.

Claire Perry Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth


We are gaining new insights into how automated light delivery vehicles will impact on the city and what cities need to do to capture the opportunities they can bring.

Cllr Sizwe James Cabinet Member for Transport, Economy and Smart Cities at the Royal Borough of Greenwich