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Oxbotica’s autonomous operating system, Selenium, can work in both outdoor and indoor environments. As Selenium is not reliant on GPS to operate, Selenium can be used in warehouse environments for mapping, asset management, and 3D modelling. When integrated onto autonomous forklifts, just by using camera data, our system can understand where it is in the world, what’s around it, and work


Selenium is Oxbotica’s autonomous control system, a vehicle agnostic operating system that can work on anything from forklifts, to cargo pods, to vehicles. The software uses the knowledge of where it is in the world, together with local information about the environment around the vehicle, to determine a safe path and velocity to move the


Caesium is Oxbotica’s fleet management system, a cloud-based service that schedules and co-ordinates fleets of autonomous vehicles. It enables route optimisation and data exchange between the vehicles without human intervention. Caesium is used on the GATEway shuttles, showing a shuttle operator information about the shuttle, such as what mode it’s in (manual or autonomous), its velocity