Software Engineer (GPU)
We are looking for a great software engineer with experience in GPU programming to join our perception team, who wishes to be at the cutting edge of machine learning and perception. You will be working closely with our perception engineers to bring state-of-the-art research to the real world by developing robust code that runs in real-time onboard Oxbotica’s fleet of autonomous vehicles. Prior robotics experience is not necessary; just an interest and drive for real world applications. You will be working with a world-class team of robotics engineers, and as such, will have excellent opportunities to learn all about robotics and autonomy.

Laser Perception Engineer
We are looking for a laser perception specialist with extensive applied experience to join our perception team. You will lead our efforts in onboard object detection and tracking in laser point clouds, which is a crucial requirement for safe, robust, autonomous driving.

Software Engineer
We are looking for energetic, dedicated software engineers to join Oxbotica. We need experienced software professionals to accelerate the impact of our work into domains such as autonomous cars, factory automation, civil engineering, space exploration and nuclear inspection. To fulfill our opportunity for impact we need robust, well-maintained, well documented, well tested, well-managed and ambitious software development.

Data Scientist
We are looking for an energetic and dedicated data scientist with good software skills to join us. As our vehicles move around they collect large volumes of data and there are many ways this data can be exploited. Exploiting data in this way cuts across many applications and domains. This is a fantastic opportunity to join one of the UK’s premier start-ups focusing on an amazing area of technology. We are looking for people who can come and make a contribution to the company, our culture, the science, and our customers.

Program Manager
We are looking for an energetic program manager with automotive experience to join Oxbotica and lead our growing portfolio of driverless car projects. We need experienced automotive engineering professionals to help accelerate the impact of our work and be responsible for integrating our Selenium autonomous control system into multiple vehicle platforms. 

Business Development Leader
Our business model is to work with customers to help them access and integrate our Intellectual Property into their own products.  We are looking for an energetic Business Development Leader – ideally with automotive experience – to help us accelerate the commercial deployment of some of the most desirable autonomy technology on the planet to our customers, and help them integrate this tech into their own products.

Interested?  Please apply by telling us how you’d fit, plus a bit about your background & experience and why we would be nuts not to hire you: