NABU, Oxbotica’s Navigation Base Unit, is a 3D imaging device which uses patented laser and vision integration to rapidly scan an indoor or outdoor environment. This is both a disruptive technology and a cost-reduced technology – enabling new applications as well as enabling access to previously unaffordable technology for many survey and localisation companies.

Many of the core localisation, mapping and perception algorithms integrated into Selenium can be found running on NABU. The main applications for low-cost 3D imaging technology include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Civil Engineering – quick initial site surveys, rapid survey of undocumented areas, verification of existing/previous CAD models
  • Road Survey – pothole assessment, surface anomalies, bridge damage detection, quick translation to CAD model, infrastructure asset extraction
  • Street survey – high level street plan in 3-D, categorising housing types, identifying size of doors/windows, asset monitoring

Localisation and Simulation:

  • Building 3D simulation environments – typically over large scales, such as petrochemical plants
  • Motorsport – track and infrastructure scanning for integration with simulators
  • Warehousing / AGV – asset management, localisation, navigation, stock picking
  • Localisation – identifying location and providing navigation guidance

The core technology for each application is similar but has different requirements in terms of the application software, GUI, user interface and post-processing.

Watch NABU doing a survey of the Said Business School at the University of Oxford: