Selenium is Oxbotica’s autonomous control system, a vehicle agnostic operating system that can work on anything from forklifts, to cargo pods, to vehicles. The software uses the knowledge of where it is in the world, together with local information about the environment around the vehicle, to determine a safe path and velocity to move the vehicle towards its goal.

There are three questions central to autonomous driving, that the system must be able to answer before it can enter autonomous mode:

  • Where am I?  The world is always changing. The system uses cameras and lasers to precisely pinpoint itself on a map, no matter the weather and lighting conditions – localising without using GPS.
  • What’s around me? The system uses a complement of sensors and algorithms to identify and track pedestrians, cars and other obstacles in the environment.
  • What do I do next? Knowing where it is and what’s around it, the system calculates a safe and efficient route to transport you to your destination.

Oxbotica is providing our Selenium autonomous control system to the GATEway project in Greenwich, London.  Our software will drive 8 passenger carrying shuttle vehicles, which will be used by members of the public in a 2 month demonstration starting mid 2017.  We are also developing an exciting new concept of an autonomous commercial vehicle for “last mile” delivery, and this will also be demonstrated in Greenwich mid-2017.