The Geni

Geni is Oxbotica’s prototype development vehicle. It is one of the main platforms on which the team tests out new software. It is an electric vehicle that is based in Oxbotica’s main workshop and test track in South Oxfordshire. It runs Oxbotica’s autonomous operating system – Selenium.

We use a combination of lasers and cameras on the Geni. Stereo cameras perform localisation and estimate the vehicle’s motion through the world (VO – or Visual Odometry). Lasers and cameras together detect and classify obstacles in the environment, such as pedestrians, cars and bicycles.

The specification and mounting configuration of the various sensors will depend on a number of factors, including the environment it’s operating in (e.g. public roads vs warehouse environment), the size and shape of the vehicle, and its operating specification. Read more about Selenium

The software uses the knowledge of where it is in the world, together with local information about the environment around the vehicle, to determine a safe path and velocity to move the vehicle towards its goal.