Oxbotica’s autonomous operating system, Selenium, can work in both outdoor and indoor environments. As Selenium is not reliant on GPS to operate, Selenium can be used in warehouse environments for mapping, asset management, and 3D modelling. When integrated onto autonomous forklifts, just by using camera data, our system can understand where it is in the world, what’s around it, and work out where to go next. The main benefits of this approach are:

  • Infrastructure-free mapping and localisation; no GPS or markers required
  • Low cost sensors and system
  • Robust to appearance change

Our vision-only localisation system, Dub4, is extremely robust to changes in appearance and lighting, and unlike many other warehouse mapping and localisation systems, copes well with structural changes in the environment. Whether these changes are moving shelves, people or other forklifts, Selenium can figure out where it is and where to go next.